Bump Off Your Enimies

Book Cover: Bump Off Your Enimies
Murder like humor is such a personal thing. One person prefers to kill
with a revolver, another with a rope . But just try to talk to people about murder and they will look down on you, law enforcement particularly so. After a lifetime of rejection arising from your occasional murderous utterances, you learn to keep such musings to yourself.
Until now. In the *Bump Off Your Enemies* literary event of March 15, 2013, forty-six exceptional authors bumped off fictional enemies in 200 words or fewer. True murders of real enemies were forbidden. This literary event was an exercise in imagination.
We live vicariously through these stories of death. We release our bottled-up hatreds. This relaxes us, makes up happy. And isn’t making people happy the reason we were put here on Earth? Plus the bastards these authors bumped off really deserved it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fun read!, September 18, 2013
By Kim Black

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I love this collection of murderous short stories! Each one is a quick read, with lots of action! Talented writers!