A Mother’s Love ~ An Anthology of Murder and Mayhem

Book Cover: A Mother's Love ~ An Anthology of Murder and Mayhem
A mother's love has no boundaries. In every species, mothers risk their own lives and sacrifice themselves to save their children. Throughout the animal kingdom, even the most gentle of creatures attack and kill to protect their young.

We hear news stories of children who commit unthinkable acts of murder in order to protect their mothers, stories of mothers who hire hit men to eliminate bullies or stalkers, stories of both mother and child who die protecting the other.

The bond between a mother and her children is like no other. It is a bond so strong that it can turn love and nurturing into homicidal frenzy. And sometimes it leads to the ultimate sacrifice. It is a bond that cannot be broken by fear, by separation or even by death.

In honor of Mother's Day, 23 writers came together to create stories around the theme of A Mother's Love – stories of mothers protecting their children, stories of children protecting their mothers and stories of mother and child protecting each other – all in 300 words or less.